In case y'all dont know who i am yet

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Thread Topic: In case y'all dont know who i am yet

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    I joined this site in june 2013 and started trolling and spamming. Idk why tbh, i was a little kid with no friends and i had nothing to do, so i guess it was entertaining idk.
    But i kinda turned over a new leaf after that.
    I was really depressed at this point in life. So i had nobody to talk to or to get my mind off of it so i came here b----ing about it-big mistake on my end.
    I made everyone on here hate me bc everytime someone on here pissed me off id threaten to kms.
    You have to cut me some slack tho. I was only like 12 and I really didn't give a f--- about life anymore. Like i just wanted to die in my sleep every night.
    I said a lot of lies and looking back i can see why y'all hate me
    But yaknow i made everyone hate me and i basically stopped posting in 2015.

    But im 16 now and i just have to say ive changed a lot. Like i was just a kid back then and i really didn't kno any better. I mean i kinda did but i was pretty socially awkward back then bc of depression and s---.

    But i basically grew tf up. Im not depressed anymore but im still far from a good person. Let's just say i dont make good choices irl bc im always partying and doing stupid s---. But that doesn't matter bc that's my personal life and not the f---ing Internet
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    s--- my bad, i forgot to list all my accounts down

    Dark shadow 99
    Dark shadow 0

    There is easily maybe like 50 more but i remember those ones the most
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    the_nerdist Advanced
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    welcome back homie
    glad you're getting better
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    The Coldest Sun Hot Shot
    don't think you had to list the accounts for people to recognize you tbh
    but hey, welcome home my dude
    sorry it's kind of a dump

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