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    Hiccstrid Senior
    To those who knew and/or remember me at all:


    I miss you. I think of you all often and very fondly. You were a very instrumental part of my life for two-ish years, on and off. This site used to be my lifeline, and you were too. Thank you so much for being there for me when no one else was. I have nobody now; just the memories of all the fun times I had with you guys. Things have changed so much. I have changed so much. I am fifteen years old now: not the annoying, naive, innocent 12-year-old Olivia I used to be. It was unbelievably painful to be away from this site at first, but now it hurts less. I know it sounds so horrible, but the distance has been good. Not that you guys are the problem; the problem is me. I fixate. I obsess. I take advantage of every inkling of attention I get until I suck it dry.

    So, all that to say, I probably will not ever be returning to this site on a permanent or even regular basis. I may pop in occasionally if and/or when opportunities arise, but I have moved on for the most part. Sorry, guys. I hope you all will understand. I love you so much, and I never will forget you. Ever.

    A gigantic shout-out to Jozy, Drake, Cody, Paige, Adam, Ollie, Ati, Jeeshan, Masky, Nelly, Rhi, Fluffywaffles, Care bear, Alex, Wendy, Chez, S_E, sademogirl, mvpender, Goldensunshine, DreamOfNight, Raven, Misty, Cmpunkie, Pikachu Fangirl, Le1F, Darkest_Night, rockstar, Dark, Etini, Br0wnie Bunny, and all my doubles.
    If my brain somehow farted out (more than likely) and I forgot your name, a big shout-out to you too! If I had any kind of interaction with you at all, I love you, wherever you are, whoever you are.

    Well, I guess this is it for now. DEATH OR GLORY!!!
    Much love,
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    FluffyEtini Experienced
    If you're reading this, hi.
    Good luck in life. I miss you.
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    Shine on, you crazy diamond!

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