I made a huge freaking mistake

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Thread Topic: I made a huge freaking mistake

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    Countrygirlz Novice
    Okay so we didn't talk long because he had to go to work, but I did tell him that I was pregnant. He didint freak out, he asked me if I was okay and he sat down kinda shocked. He did ask me if it was his and I told him that it was my first time. So he said that he understood he asked me what I wanted to do.
    I told him I wasn't for sure and I told my parents.
    He expressed some of his feelings about it which was sweet as personal. But he did say he wasn't over joyed but he wasn't upset either.
    He was calm and collected.
    I asked him if he was gonna leave. He said he wasn't the type of guy to leave his problems behind he said he'd face it.
    I started crying it was really emotional lol.
    He said he wouldn't be like my dad, and I didn't even know he knew.
    Anyway. I think we're good, and all this baby talk is kinda growing on me.
    I think keeping it might be in consideration....
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    dannylover321 Senior
    I'm so glad everything went okay.
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    Countrygirlz Novice
    So update.
    We have been talking a lot here lately.
    He thinks it's a good idea to keep the baby.
    We actually been hanging out a lot, and thinking of baby names.
    Idk it's cute.
    He is really calm and sopportive.
    I think something's happing between us.
    Guys this might be a good thing.
    But thanks for all your advice!!!
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    Countrygirlz Novice
    I lost the baby...
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    The Geek Expert
    how 2 fake preggers
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    Countrygirlz Novice
    Hey geek shut the f--k up I didn't fake anything and whoever does that is sick!
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    jhulio Newbie
    im laughing i read all of this

    answers : true story - dont be silly, protect your willie
    fake story - f--- off, , , , , , , , , , still dont be silly, protect your willie
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    Countrygirlz Novice
    Who the hell would fake a pregnancy! It's f---ed up!
    I would never in my life do that, it's not a joke!!! And whoever thinks so, drive off a f---ing cliff! It's not cool!!!!

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