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    KillerKat Novice
    Gosh. This week sucked.

    i went to school monday and got out early on account of "hazardous road conditions"
    and when i got home i just sat around bored.

    i was off tuesday. and sat around the house doing nothing because none of my friends could get out of their freakin icy driveways.

    i was off wednesday and my bf came over. then he left like in 3 hours because of stupid gay work.

    we finally got back in yesterday. i didnt have any of the stupid homework done.

    when i got home i had to read 2 chapters of that retarted "LORD OF THE FLIES" and then answer like two effin pages of each. then make cookies, then go to the store and pick up pringles, then do a stupid algebra assignment with trinomials.

    i went to bed at 1ish.

    then today i woke up with a fukin migrane, and wanted to start cutting again. but i resisted.

    when i got to school i took in the food to the class where we were going to have our party/meeting. then took a test. then took another test. then burned my hand with a glue gun. then had to sell root beer floats at lunch and a creep kept talking to me. then stabbed my fingers with a bunch of stupid metal shards in shop. then got 2 more algebra assignments assigned. then accidentally ripped open the cuts from the metal shards.

    when school was out i was like oh heck yes finally! then i had to leave sooner than i usually do and didnt get to talk to anyone. then got home and had to do dishes. then was working on the yearbook for school and the computer froze and i had to restart.

    then i had to come back to the school with my mom because she coaches basketball and i didnt want to stay at home with my dad because he is quitting chewing tobacco and is like extremely moody.

    sigh. now im sitting alone in a classroom at the school.

    this sucks.
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    KillerKat Novice
    :\ i bet no one responds to this long-ass crap

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