chicken nuggets

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Thread Topic: chicken nuggets

  • chicken nuggets taste g00d
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    sapphiretwirl Novice
    yuummm we had those for lunch today =)
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    Hikaru Katsu Novice
    chicken nuggets are chicken testicles.
  • ewww nu uh ur kidding right? thats disgusting
  • Xxlepis Newbie
    I can't believe you Americans even EAT that fake chicken from those fast food joints! I can't help but shudder at the thought... Something that loaded with fat and that deep fried... yuck.
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    Charlie, you sound very skinny.
    .......actually, you sound kinda like me...
  • Xxlepis Newbie
    I am not unhealthily skinny, but I do watch what I eat. But when fish and chips is on the menu you had better stand back. But I am a 17 year old male, what should anybody expect? =)
  • i dont usualy eat the ones from fast f00d places i like the ones my grandma makes
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    hmmmm................ i can't resist a mountain dew :DDDDDDD
  • Xxlepis Newbie
    From the freezer or home made? Ahh, so many fine memories of Grandmother's fish and chips... yummm
  • homemade
  • Xxlepis Newbie
    Well I can see logic in that. But those Burger King, or whatever they are, chicken nuggets sound revolting.
  • lol well they r not that bad
  • Xxlepis Newbie
    To you Americans, maybe. But I have not tried them so I should not be judging.
  • exactly

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