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    chaz55 Junior
    Please submit a tribute for my story quiz: Life in the Hunger Games. Plz fill in this forum:

    District (Top 3):
    Reaped or Volunteered:

    Appearance ~
    Hair Color:
    Hair Style:
    Eye Color:
    Body Type:
    Skin Color:
    Anything Else:


    Weapon of Choice:

    Plz fill out soon. Thx!
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    Sage Parson Novice
    Name: Raven Drew Connor
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    District (Top 3): I'm not sure what the top three are, so I'll choose 3. But if I'm wrong, you can choose. I'm flexible! x)
    Reaped or Volunteered: Volunteered. 67 times.

    Appearance ~ Hair Color: Black with dark blue highlights.
    Hair Style: Its wavy, so she wears it down most of the time.
    Eye Color: Blue
    Nose: I'm gonna try my best to describe it...small. But not to small. Just average I guess.
    Mouth: Her lips are a light pink.
    Body Type: Slim
    Skin Color: Peach
    Anything Else?: Just a small jewel on the left side of her nose. Nothing much.

    Personality: Quiet, friendly, kind, caring, helpful, to others Raven may seem like an average girl with no skills what so ever. But if you tick her off, MAN! She can be a real b****! And she can take you to the ground in seconds. She's a little aggrissive if you make her mad.
    Weapon of Choice: Shield and Bow and Arrow
    Bio/History: Raven lived a normal life. Her parents were good to her, they didn't struggle that much. She actually wanted to join the HG.
    Strengths: Seeing her friends, happy people,
    Weaknesses: Sad people, her friends in danger

    Go ahead and change anything if you want. I don't mind. I'M FLEXIBLE!! :D
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    ILuvHolister Junior
    name: Drake Peterson
    District: u can pick.
    was reaped.
    Anything Else: Very kind perso,really strong though. Scar on his left arm from helping save someone.
    Personality:Kind,easygoing, loving, active. Will be really agressive when defending someone he loves.
    Weapon of Choice: Anything he can get his hands on. he is a trained pro.
    Backstory: Mystery. No siblings. lives with a kind old couple.
    Weaknesses: usually very gentle.
    Feel free to change stuff.
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    ILuvHolister Junior
    Name: Jenni
    age: 16
    gender: female
    district: u can pick
    volunteered in place of her younger sister.
    Appearance: light brown hair, wavy, thats to her shoulders. Blue/green eyes. full lips and long eyelashes.
    anything else: no
    Personality;fiesty and protective. A rebellious teen.her gentle features make her seem less deadly.but she is way more deadly then people think.
    Weapon of Choice: deciet and bow and arrow.
    Backstory: typical family mom and dad got divorced and got remarried to other people. Jenni has a little sister named Mitchy and a older brother named Caleb.
    Weaknesses: pities people, no excperience or training, seeing people try to kill her family or friends.
    Strengths:everything else.
    And again feel free to change stuff.
  • blueberry pie Newbie
    Name- Kate
    Age- 15
    Gender- female
    District- 2
    Hair color- blue (dyed to blue from blonde)
    Eye color- grey
    Hair style- boob length
    Nose- strait?
    Mouth- kinda big lips I guess..pretty average?idk
    Body type- umm 5.4...97lbs
    Skin color- very very very pale
    Anything else- ummm I do self harm...
    Personality- chill, quiet, I sneek out all the time...
    Weapon choice- dager, knives
    Back story- I was molested when I was 13.. I've been in 3 mental hospitals I have a bf that absolutely adores me! He's protective and sweet and I love him so much!
    Strengths- very good fighter in knife to knife combat.
    Weaknesses- fist fights... not my

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