Mr poppers penguins

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Thread Topic: Mr poppers penguins

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    ilovedogs Novice
    It was ok on the funny but I wouldn't watch it again.
  • smartgirl115 Novice
    @ ILD: I agree. That movie looked like s--- from the moment the previews aired on TV. -____________________________________-
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    DragonKitty Junior
    Alvin and the Chipmunks- penguin style minus the singing
  • Moehini Newbie
    It was pretty good.
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    heyilikepie Novice
    oh i watched wasn't the best :\
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    6 6 sick Experienced
    Is that the one with Jim Carry in it?
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    tomboykaitie Hot Shot
    Yeah Sick.

    I don't wanna see it xD
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    I wanna see it....

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