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    dragonsfire Advanced
    I couldn’t fall asleep. I suppose it was my own fault. I had been staying up late over the past few days, and now my body was trying to adjust back to what my natural sleeping schedule was before.
    I was flipping over to my other side, hoping to find sleep there, also trying to keep the creaking of the bunk bed at a minimum, when I heard the tapping and scratching. Again. I laid still. The sounds moved from over the closet to over the large sort of nook where my desk and books were. Then they shot across the ceiling to right over my head and got louder and more rapid. The tapping was almost a thumping now. I heard clicking and rattling too. I silently moved onto my back and faced the ceiling where the noise was the most prominent. They usually just stayed over the closet, but tonight the sounds had decided differently.
    “Lillian,” I whispered loudly down to the bottom bunk of the wooden white bunk bed. I hoped the sounds wouldn’t go away so that my little sister would be able to hear them too. I was hoping this was just me on the verge of dreamland, but I knew I was awake, more especially so since the tapping was above me keeping me awake. I heard the rustling of my sister’s blankets. “Lillian I know you’re awake.”
    “What?” she whispered back. Sometimes when we couldn’t fall asleep we’d just talk to each other until we did.
    “Do you hear that?” I asked. The tapping and thumping and scratching and clicking and rattling was still continuing on.
    “Hear what?” she asked.
    “The noise in the ceiling,” I responded, almost as if it was obvious.
    “I don’t hear anything,” she said. I heard her turn onto her stomach. “Go back to sleep.” She had spoken into her pillow but I knew what she said.
    I knew she was telling the truth. We never lied to each other.
    The sound spread out to cover the whole ceiling of the bedroom, then started creeping and crawling down the walls. If sound is able to crawl down walls, that’s what it would sound like. Then as soon as the noise touched the floor it stopped. Dead silence. It felt like it was pressing in on me. I didn’t sleep at all that night.

    The next afternoon I was at home by myself. My dad was at work and my mom was at my sister’s track practice. I was upstairs on my way to the main floor when I heard a dripping noise. It didn’t sound like it was from a sink, but I checked anyway. The sink in the bathroom that was straight across from my bedroom wasn’t dripping. Then I realized it sounded like it was landing on plastic.
    I remembered one time water was dripping from the attic door onto the pile of trash bags which contained hand-me-down clothes that we put in front of my sister’s room which was under construction. My dad had had to go up into the attic last time it happened and he had done something to fix it. I remembered freaking out because the ceiling was leaking and I didn’t know why.
    I walked over to the pile of bagged clothes and looked up. I stopped myself from gasping. There was a liquid dripping from the attic door, but it wasn’t water. It was blood. Deep crimson blood.
    I ran down the stairs which ran between the two bedrooms on the upper floor. I skipped the last step and speed walked to the home phone. I started dialing the first number that popped into my head. Mom.
    I put the phone to my ear. I paced back and forth, swiping the hair out of my face and off my neck as I heard the low drone of the phone calling the number I had dialed in.
    As soon as I heard the phone say, “Your call has been forwarded to an automated -” I hung up and dialed again. I walked back up the stairs to make sure I hadn’t been seeingthings. It was still there, still dripping.
    Then I heard the front door open and my mom announce her and my sister’s arrival home. I hung up the phone again and ran back downstairs. “There’s blood dripping from the attic,” I said quickly. All three of us ran upstairs. I pointed to where the blood was, but they obviously didn’t see it. I was scolded for tricking them and for scaring them so badly.
    I looked down at the pool of blood. I dipped my pale finger into it. It was real. I wasn’t imagining it, but why couldn’t they see it? I knew I wasn’t going crazy. I went into the bathroom and rinsed my hand.

    I slept on the couch that night. Everything so far had been upstairs, and considering the circumstances, I didn’t feel safe sleeping in the basement. The rattling sound that I had heard the night before was there, but it was quieter than before. I heard the back door open. I walked over to close it. When things like that happened we’d just blame it on “the house ghost.” But now I started wondering if it really was something. I silently closed the door and walked back to the couch.
    I heard the back door open again. I walked over there to close it again, but I thought I saw something walk out the door.
    I heard that sound I had heard last night all around me now. I whipped my head around. I saw shadows of creatures everywhere. I saw flashes of purple light flitting across the dining room. I couldn’t take it any longer. I ran past the kitchen, turned left, and over to the linen closet, opened the door to it, moved the vacuum cleaner out of the way, and hid there. It could only hold one person. Nothing else but the vacuum cleaner could fit in. I heard the sounds outside the closet door and in the wall behind me. It was louder than ever. There were even high shrieks now. I put my hands over my ears to try and block out the horrid noises. It wasn’t stopping. I knew it wouldn’t.
    I couldn’t stay in the closet any longer. I just couldn’t. It was too much. I opened the closet door and shot out of it. I was appalled by what met me. Indescribable creatures. They were dark, I know that, and some seemed to have substance, others didn’t. Some had bodies, others were more gelatinous. Others were a mixture of these things, and the rest I’d never be able to describe.
    When I got out of the linen closet the sounds, if possible, got even louder. I realized that it was their way of talking to each other.
    For some reason, a force was driving me upstairs. I went along with it, I just wanted to get away from the large mass of things. But they were following me. I screamed, hoping that someone in the house would be able to hear me. But no one came. The force was now too strong for me to resist, even though I tried my hardest to struggle against it. It was dragging both my body and my mind up the stairs. When we got up the stairs two of the monsters took me and leaped up into the attic.
    There were even more creatures up there, somehow. We have a small attic, you can hardly even stand in it, but it seemed like they had expanded it. It was bitter cold up there. I could see my breath. When I was in the middle of the room, the force stopped. I tried to run to the attic door and jump down to the bottom, but when I got to where the door was supposed to be, I realized I wasn’t in the attic anymore. There was no door. Nothing looked familiar anymore.
    I realized I was starting to be able to understand what the noises were saying. “Sacrifice! Bring her into our world! Over and over and over again in a twisted and awful fashion. I was surrounded.
    Suddenly it felt as if someone had seized my mind and was pulling at it. I fell to the ground in pain, pressing my hands against my head.
    I saw one of the creatures that seemed grander than the others stand over me with a dagger in what we could call his hand. It stabbed the blade into my heart, but I didn’t feel anything. The pain in my head evened out to every part of my body. I was in agony.
    I looked down at myself, expecting to see blood, but there was none. I was one of them now. I was a creature in humanoid form with an exoskeleton for skin, with spikes down my back, claws for hands and feet, and with dark fleshy wings that came out of my back. I was one of them. My mind was now altered to be like theirs. I wanted everyone to feel the pain I felt
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    dragonsfire Advanced
    I wanted everyone to feel the pain I felt.
    The leader walked up to me. I saw him as magnificent now, whereas before I would have seen him as grotesque.
    “The other half of us is hunting another human,” he said. Tell us, where would you like to go? Who is next?”
    I looked up at him with a malicious leer. I knew exactly who was next.
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    dragonsfire Advanced
    (I'm kind of nervous about this, this is my first time trying to write a scary story)
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    SprinkledSpice Advanced

    That's epic
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    dragonsfire Advanced
    I forgot to put that last part where leader monster speaks in italics
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    dragonsfire Advanced
    Thanks Spice

    Also I forgot to mention that the blood had been coming from the food they had been eating. They like their food raw

    I might post a few reference pictures so that you guys get a bit of an idea of where things are in my house.

    This was an idea that came out of things that actually do happen in my house. There sometimes are skittering noises in the attic, which is right above my bedroom, that memory I put of water dripping from the attic is true, and we do blame things on "the house ghost."

    And I just realized I put my sister's name in there. Welp.
    I trust you guys, anyway, I'm not too worried.
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    dragonsfire Advanced
    I took these two from the bunk bed

    desk area

    attic door

    back door, kitchen, and dining room

    linen closet

    me in linen closet
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    dragonsfire Advanced
    Noticing a whole bunch of things wrong with it but I don't know how to fix it ahhhh...
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    SprinkledSpice Advanced
    Like what D:
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    dragonsfire Advanced
    Like...I don't even know how to describe it

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