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    Shmaco Novice
    Dear Diary,

    Today I joined a quiz making website. I barked and someone answered. I’m very happy that I have a new best friend, I am very lonely. I think I’m too crazy for my family. I get the zombies a lot and they think my brain is the size of a ping pong ball, thus giving me the middle name Ponky.
    But in fact I am very smart. My tiny paws are able to type in letters and I like to write poetry, here is a sample of one of my masterpieces-
    >The birds are chirping
    The bird feeder is swaying back and forth>I stare at the window in awe
    There’s a squirrel>And it’s my duty to protect the house
    So I run outside and bark>The squirrel runs away
    I was unable to catch it.

    >Discouraged and upset I decide to walk over to a tree
    I lift my leg and go pee>Then I go inside
    And I think I’ll make this poetry.

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