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    1. Do not copy anything in here or claim it as your own. I hold all rights to these stories. If you ignore me, I will report you to the mods.
    2. The characters in here also belong to me, unless stated otherwise. You may not use them without my permission.
    3. Feel free to give me constructive criticism! There's always room for improvement.
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    I threw my window open, in hopes of catching a breeze to blow away the scorching heat of mid July. Today was the day. The annual celebration of the Crystals.

    Let me explain. Everyone has a crystal inside of them. It represents their personality, who they are. When they die, their crystal is used to strengthen the borders of Arnidor, our homeland. So every year, we honor those who have shielded us from the dangers of the outside world and celebrate.

    But there's one thing that bugs me. The government says that there is nothing good that lies outside of Arnidor. That it's a barren wasteland where there is only darkness and decay, and monsters that are too horrible to even mention.

    However, there's no evidence. Just warnings and empty words. I take a deep breath. I tell myself that I am thinking too much. And I turn away from the sunlit evening.
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    Adrian stepped cautiously into the cold cavern in which rested a Peculiar. Peculiars are well named, for they are, in every way, the most unique and strange creatures to ever exist.

    This particular Peculiar had long tusks all around his face, dark eyes that looked like pits, and dark scaly skin. He wore a mask with intricate patterns on it, and he had leathery black wings. This Peculiar was Death.

    Death stirred, and upon waking, laid his eyes upon Adrian. He rumbled softly.

    "Many times had I welcomed you before, Adrian," he said. "And every time you rejected me."

    Adrian gazed into Death's dark eyes. "I didn't want to come to terms with you. I still don't."

    Death sighed, conjuring up a scroll. "Adrian Hiedson, cause of death: stabbed multiple times. That's you, correct?"

    "All because you found it necessary to play the hero."
    "I wasn't playing the hero. My little sister was about to be murdered."
    "Do you know what she's going through right now?"

    Adrian looked away. "Get to the point."

    Death snapped his fingers and the scroll dissolved into smoke. "You're too good for hell and too bad for heaven. Purgatory won't do. I have an assignment for you."
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    Quest after Death
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    Actually, it's called "The Afterlife Assignment", maybe "Death's Quest" or something.
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    SprinkledSpice Experienced
    "I love my cat!" Sheeba protested. The alien raised one non-existent eyebrow.

    "Is it true that he lays around all day, pees in a box, takes up expenses and does no work, and occasionally destroys your belongs?" he said.

    "I guess," she admitted.

    "Yet you find these qualities unattractive in your own kind. Add that to the list of all the oddball things your species do."
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    Sins Novice
    (These are amazing! Keep up the good work 💛)
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    SprinkledSpice Experienced
    AKVKOWHSO thank you))
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    dragonsfire Advanced
    (The only thing I'd say is make the stories longer! I want to read more! They kind of feel incomplete the way you just leave the stories hanging like that. These are kind of like small scenes in the whole story.)
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    SprinkledSpice Experienced
    Exactly! They're just the tip of the tale! Thank you very much for your input :3))
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    SprinkledSpice Experienced
    I'll see what I can do about making them longer.))
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    SprinkledSpice Experienced
    Pain. That's the first thing I register when I regain consciousness, blinking against the blinding light. I tug against the restraints tying me down to a cool, metal table. Why am I here? Who am I? A scuffling noise draws my attention to a shadow lurking in the corner.

    "Hello?" I say. "Is...is someone there? Please, I need to get out of here!"

    "You won't be going anywhere, Aspen," a silky voice replies. "You are much to important for that."

    Aspen. Memories flash in my mind, of happy things that seem vaguely familiar. I had friends. "Who...who am I?" I ask. A chill laugh greets my ears, the kind that just rubs you the wrong way.

    "A valuable asset," the shadow replied. "And now you will answer to me."

    (Twas epic cringe, but hey, I need to warm-up.)
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    SprinkledSpice Experienced
    I hide away in my room, hoping no one will come. If anyone says anything, even touches me, I won't be able to push away the grief or keep away the tears.

    It's not like I knew him for very long. But he was just learning how to open his mouth for food. His neck had gotten stronger, and I had tried so hard to keep him alive. But it wasn't enough.
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    SprinkledSpice Advanced
    ^That was how I felt when Jims died, much saddies
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    SprinkledSpice Advanced
    Take the cleaver, cleave his head
    Take the villain, he's now dead
    It's just as the old man said
    "The river will soon red"

    But the villain isn't done
    Now he's gone and killed someone
    Look how red the river runs
    We are now the only ones

    Chasing, chasing, hurried breath
    Running, running, from my death
    For the villain runs so fast
    I'm not sure how long I'll last

    "Help me, help me!" I start to cry
    Knowing that soon we might die
    Suddenly, we're eye to eye
    Now beneath the earth I lie.

    Never cross the headless man.

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