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    A gentle wind blew across the field, delicately shaking the blades of grass, and waking the tree I sat under from it's long slumber. The waning light of the mid day sun shone upon me. The light brought lost memories back to me.

    There once was a thriving town here in this field. I grew up there. I lived in a house right behind this very tree. It was a peaceful life, I was very content. I lived there with my mother. I favored her.. I had the same amber eyes and her beautiful, flowing auburn hair. I was her only daughter. My father was gone. He fell sick when I was 12. He was a very loving man- it saddens me that he died so horribly.

    My mother and I did the best we could without him. Mother ran a bakery out of our house. I happily helped her run the store, sometimes I would even cook. I often got scolded for "testing" the frosting.
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    I remember the day that my mother first fell. It was overcast, chilly, and rainy. It was like the sky was weeping. She was in the kitchen baking bread. I was carrying ingredients into the pantry. I still think this is my greatest failure as a daughter. I couldn't help her. She came down with a fever that same night.

    The fireplace was roaring, but the heat failed to reach me. My mother lay in her bed. Her breathing had already stopped. There was nothing left for me.

    Everybody was becoming sick. Death hung over our town like a specter. I watched helplessly as everyone died. I sat under that tree for days. I didn't dare eat. Corpses littered the streets. How could I eat?

    Color escaped from my gaze. Everything was monochrome. I couldn't feel the wind. I was empty.

    I died under that tree.

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