Are Mediterraneans white?

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Thread Topic: Are Mediterraneans white?

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    rascal1178 Advanced
    Okay, so the other day I made a comment about being a basic white girl, to which my friend said, "babe, you're definitely not white." I argued saying that I am, as I always believed that, but eventually it turned into a debate amongst my friends. None of us can figure out this issue. On my fathers side, my grandmother is first generation from Greece (and her family has been in Greece for as far as we can trace) and my grandfather is Irish, French, and Cajun French. On my mother's side, my grandfather is German, Jewish, and Italian (both parents were Italian, dad had some German and Jewish in him) and my grandmother is French and Italian (both parents Italian, father half French). Some Italian is from northern Italy, some from southern, and some from Sicily. We went to an anthropology professor with a PhD in anthropology and she said that it was debatable and that there is no answer. So, I'm looking for opinions. What do y'all think?

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    ilovelions Senior
    Idk, I don't think I would class Mediterranean as white. I think to be white you have to be descent from the light skinned European countries and they're pretty tan in Greece

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