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Thread Topic: GTQ Forum Rules & Announcements from Moderators

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    A lot of people have asked us what we go off of when we delete a post. This thread will highlight the 10 existing forum rules, as well as the announcements we have made on content in the past.

    The official GTQ Rules can be found here. If any of your posts go against these forum rules, it will be marked by a moderator.

    In addition to these existing rules, there are rules that moderators have put in place in order to protect users.

    Rule #1: Sexually Explicit Content
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    All sexually explicit content posted from this point on will be deleted. This includes images (profile pics, drawings, photos, etc) and writing (RP, stories, "cybersex," and such, regardless of writing skill level). The mods have made this decision due to the fact that allowing sexually explicit content on a website with such a young userbase has the potential to get GTQ into legal trouble (it is illegal for minors to produce, share, and view/read/purchase sexually explicit content). Keep in mind that "fading to black" or implying sexual scenes is allowed, but that writing out sexual content and posting it here is not allowed.

    Thank you, and if you find anything being posted, feel free to email [Selena112] at pineconical[@] or contact any of the other mods. This will be completely anonymous.

    Rule #2: Posting in Spam Threads
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    Do not post in spam threads for any reason.

    Effective immediately, anyone who posts in a spam thread, be it to contribute to the spam or to scold the spammer, can expect to have their post(s) deleted along with those of the spammer. The extra posts made by regular users make it impossible for us to eradicate those threads, and we've asked on multiple occasions for it to stop. GTQ Guy is with us on this and it is not up for debate. Thank you all very much, and have the day that you deserve.

    Rule #3: Provoking Suicidal Users
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    Due to recent actions shown by several GoToQuiz users over the course of the past week as well as instances over the years, moderators will now be marking overly obvious posts towards users wanting to commit suicide that seem to be provoking them to continue with the action. This means if you are posting things such as;

    "Go kill yourself!"
    "Just do it already"
    "You're late, buddy."
    "The world would be better without you."
    "Don't come back then!"
    "Tell (someone) I said hi in (hell/heaven)"

    It will be marked offensive and deleted. This action counts as harassment. Additionally, as with the smut rule we slammed down not too long ago, you can get into legal trouble if the person you're antagonizing actually does commit suicide. Police and parents of the user can count it as manslaughter. So, for your protection, and for the protection of the users who are posting about it, we are now taking action.

    "Where's the proof, moderators?"

    1. "According to California Penal Code 401, the assisted suicide law, if you give in to this very human temptation and deliberately aid, advise, or encourage another to commit suicide, you are in fact committing a felony offense" -
    2. This one backs up the above and is a .gov site:

    Several other states have laws on assisting/provoking suicide. Some less reliable sources admit that on the internet, you're more likely to be punished (considering there is hard evidence of what you've said) than in a case in real life.

    How can you avoid this? As I mentioned in my rant, if someone says they want to commit suicide, DON'T press the submit button if you wouldn't say that same line to someone IRL. DON'T press the submit button if you think it will make that person feel worse. Either say something encouraging them to stop/giving them help, or say nothing at all.

    We will update this thread to give you recent changes or announcements whenever necessary. :)
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    New update from our Admin on Rule #1:
    Thread link:

    Without getting into the politics of it, we need to remember that this site is based in the US and has minors using it, therefore it should reflect what is considered appropriate in the US for minors to view. We could talk all day about whether the American view on issues like nudity is correct or incorrect. However as things are right now, I believe the mods and users should look at how this issue is handled in other industries. For example, what would earn a movie an R rating or a game an M rating? Anything that would earn those ratings probably isn't appropriate for GTQ. I know that's not what some people want, but I believe it's the best approach here.

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