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Thread Topic: GTQ Forum Questions and Answers

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    Before You Read

    Please check out these links! They are what this thread is based on and they are very important to this this thread. Their points will be covered in this thread, but let's give them their credit.

    Appayipyip42's FAQ Part 1
    Appayipyip42's FAQ Part 2
    Dark22978's FAQ

    (There are many others, but these are the ones that this is ultimately based upon.)

    1. Who is the user GTQ Guy?

    GTQ Guy is the creator of this site, also known as an admin. He will notify you of any changes being made on the site via the Feedback and Updates forum. It is possible to directly communicate problems to him by creating a thread directed at him in the Feedback and Updates forum. However, remember that he leads a busy life, so he might not be able to respond to your questions/concerns immediately. If you need to tell him any problems, glitches, or concerns that need to be taken care of right away, contact him by emailing him at admin[@] (remove the brackets).

    2. Who are the Moderators and what can they do?

    A moderator's main purpose is to deter spam, remove content that goes against site rules, help calm down huge fights, and ultimately be there for the users' benefit. We are also here to talk to people if they want a conversation or to get help with problems.

    Moderators have the ability to penalize offensive users by increasing their posting time limit via the grey "offensive" button at the bottom right corner of your post. If you receive too many offensive points, you are likely to get suspended from posting in the forums. These effects normally decrease over time; A week or two will get you back on your feet. (Hopefully by then you'll be having happy posting and will have learned a lesson!) We can additionally lock threads, pin/"sticky" them, and move threads that are posted in the wrong forum.

    The Moderators here to help you are:

    The Coldest Sun

    3. How do I level up?

    To level up, you have to make quizzes that people will enjoy taking. The more people take your quiz, the higher up your bar will go. Commenting on quizzes will also boost your bar. However, we recommend making meaningful quizzes that you put a lot of effort into. Additionally, commenting, taking, or rating quizzes can help boost another user's bar. Posting on the forums will give you an additional (but small) benefit.

    4. How do I post pictures?

    After you reach the Junior level, you'll be able to post images. Use the tag [ img ] (place url/link here) [ /img] (without spaces). Some links don't work, so I recommend previewing the post so that you don't ruin it. See Br0wnieBunny's Tutorial on how to Post a Picture for more information.

    5. How do I get to my profile page?

    To get to your profile page, there are three different ways.

    1. Go to a forum. Once you're on a forum (any you choose, it shouldn't matter), click on "Start New Thread Topic". Once you've clicked on that, you should see something similar to

    Start a Thread on [Forum Name]
    Posting to The Lounge as [Your username] (Click here if you are not [Your username])
    Body of your post:

    If you click on the first [Your username], it will bring you to your profile page.

    2. Go into a thread (any you choose, it shouldn't matter). If you scroll to the very bottom of the page, it'll say "Post a reply as [Your username]: (Click here if you are not [Your username]". Click on the first [Your username] to be led to your profile page.

    3. You can also click the link of your name found in quizzes you have made, though this is the least efficient, especially if your quiz is not on the front page.

    6. Why has my status bar gone down?

    Unfortunately, there are some glitches in the system that have not been fixed, such as this one: At any level (Normally when someone is trying to up their status from Novice to Junior), you will see your bar decrease. Another reason is because you've cursed (swore) too much. That will cause it to drop as well.

    7. How do I log out of my account?

    This is similar to the ways you can get to your profile page, however there are only two ways to do this.

    1. Go to a forum. Once you're on a forum (any you choose, it shouldn't matter), click on "Start New Thread Topic". Once you've clicked on that, you should see something similar to

    Start a Thread on [Forum Name]
    Posting to The Lounge as [Your username] (Click here if you are not [Your username])
    Body of your post:

    If you click on the second [Your username], it will log you out of your account.

    2. Go into a thread (any you choose, it shouldn't matter). If you scroll to the very bottom of the page, it'll say "Post a reply as [Your username]: (Click here if you are not [Your username]". Click on the second [Your username] to be log out of your account.

    8. Why am I not able to post links or pictures?

    You must be at the Junior status or higher to be able to post links and pictures. If you are at a Newbie or Novice status, it will replace the link or picture's link with [no urls]. Also note that when you post links, they cannot read " as the s cuts off the link on GoToQuiz. Make sure that your link reads " See question 4 to learn more about posting pictures.

    9. Why can't I post an email address?

    To help users stay safe, there is a bot that does not allow emails to be posted. This means that directly posting your email will not work. If you post an email, it will be replaced by [no emails]. If you feel the need to post an email, post it in spaces eg. "example @" or by using a box eg. "example[@]" (there are more ways but these are just examples). We highly suggest NOT posting your email(s) here due to the possibility of having your account hacked.

    10. I tried to change my profile picture on my mobile device/other. The picture shows up on my profile, but when I post, it doesn't show up. How do I get it to show up?

    Sometimes the picture just doesn't want to show up. Our only solutions for this is to log out and log back in or switch to a different device. For more help on getting a profile picture, see Dark22978's Tutorial on how to Upload a Profile Picture.
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    11. Who is GTQGuy?

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    11. What are the different statuses, and what do they do?

    Newbie: Post time wait of 30 seconds
    Novice: Post time wait of 30 seconds, ablility to have a profile picture
    Junior: Post time wait of 25 seconds, ablity to post pictures and links
    Experienced: Post time wait of 25 seconds
    Advanced: Post time wait of 20 seconds
    Senior: Post time wait of 15 seconds
    Hotshot: Post time wait of 10 seconds
    Expert: Post time wait of 5 seconds
    Elite: Post time wait lower than 10 seconds
    Ultra Elite: Post time wait lower than 10 seconds

    12. How do I get a quiz on the front page?

    The quizzes found on the front page are popular quizzes that have interested more than one person. Hence, it is advisable to create a quiz that has a popular theme that will catch visitor's attention. An example would be a quiz titled "What Supernatural Powers Do You Have?" The more people that take your quiz, the more likely it is that your quiz will make it to the front page. Remember to be creative! Creativity will get your quizzes up there. Additionally, we've found that quizzes directed at both males and females will get more traffic than quizzes directed at only one gender.

    13. Why didn't my quiz make it to the "Newest Quizzes" list?

    Hundreds of quizzes are made every day for the site to filter into the Newest Quizzes list. The filter is a very busy bot and doesn't always get everything up there in time. Some quizzes may take longer to get on the Newest Quizzes list and others may not get there at all. This could be because the quiz was overlooked by the bot's filters. Another reason for your quiz not appearing on the "Newest Quizzes" list is that you may have clicked the "This quiz is only for a circle of friends" option when you were finishing off the quiz. By clicking this option, your quiz will not appear on the "Newest Quizzes" list. The best solution for this is to suspend your quiz for a while then reactivate it. If this does not work, you can either let it go or try to remake the quiz.

    14. What are all of the forums? Are they all meant for chatting?

    The list of all of the current forums are:

    The Theater
    The Ballroom
    The Lounge
    The Study
    The Wine Cellar
    The Garden
    The Gym
    The Living Room
    The Map Room
    The Play Room
    The Front Porch
    The Arcade
    The Library
    The Stage
    The Garage
    The Kitchen
    The Workshop
    The Server Room
    Feedback and Updates

    The main chatting forum is The Lounge. The other forums are mainly for help, advice, fandoms, friendly debates, criticism, ect. Each forum has a small description telling you what that forum is specifically meant for, so if you plan to make a thread, make sure it belongs in that forum! Logically speaking, yes, all forums are for chatting or discussing; but please make sure your chat fits the overall topic at hand.

    15. What are the UBB codes listed at the bottom of my post box? How can I use UBB codes?

    UBB codes are codes or tags that can be used within any GTQ forum post. Depending on your Status, you can use different codes.

    To bold your text, use the tags [ b ]your text here[ ./b ] (without the period or spaces)
    To italicize your text, use the tags [i]your text here[./i] (without the period)

    text, use the tags [quote]your text here[./quote] (without the period)
    To strike through your text, use the tags < s > your text here < / s > (without spaces)
    To post a link with text, use the tags [url=(your URL here)]your text here[/url]
    To post an image, simply use the tags [img]your link here[./img].

    (See Br0wnieBunny's thread to learn how to do so better, as linked in first post!)

    16. Is there a limit to how many threads or posts I can make?

    Users at a Newbie-Novice level have a two threads per day limit to help prevent spam from occurring. Additionally, if you've been inactive, you might have that same limit. Otherwise, you are free to make as many threads a day, though we advise you not to as it can be seen as spam.

    17. How do I avoid getting hacked?

    Our best solution to this is to have a strong password. Don't use something like "password" or "username". Try experimenting and using upper case letters, numbers, or symbols! Make it impossible to get hacked in the first place. :)

    18. People keep on calling me a Newbie, but that's not my status. Why are they calling me such and how can I get them to stop?

    While there is a status labeled 'Newbie', and you might have passed it, users cling to the fact that they'd prefer to judge you by your actions and how long you've been on the site vs your status. Do not take it personally; Some users who stand at a high level are called newbies/noobs. While there is no direct way to get them to stop, ask them why they're calling you such and how you can get them to stop. They might think you're acting immature or rude, something not tolerated by users here. Try to act calm about the situation, and remember that one day, you'll be the one calling someone new!

    19. What are the pictures beside my post box and how can I use them?

    The pictures beside your post box are called icons. You might not see them while in a 'Newbie' status, but they will definitely appear at the 'Novice' status and higher. To use an icon, simply click on the picture beside your post or type in the tag of that desired icon. (Ex.: can be used by typing [ smiley-cool ] without spaces.)

    20. What is spam? What is gore?

    While spam is a type of meat you can eat, that isn't the type of spam you deal with on any forum type. Spam is normally repetitive, insulting, or irrelevant text that is often seen as annoying. Making several threads at once can be seen as spam. Posting things such as "abfjsabdfjabskjg" over and over can also be seen as spam. Please know that if you choose to do this, your posts may be marked by a moderator.

    Gore is a reference to injuries, blood, or gruesome scenes that are often in horror or thriller movies. It may come from an act of violence, though where it comes from does not particularly matter. It's often seen as gross and not suitable for children. If something is gory, it is usually bloody and scary to an extent.
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    experienced post time is 20 seconds
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    21. Should I spam?

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    21. How long is the average amount of time it takes to level up?

    There is no set time to how long it takes someone to level up (their status). For some, it may take a day to get from Newbie to Novice, and then around a week or two to jump up to Junior. For others, it may take a longer amount of time. It all depends on how many quizzes you take, how many quizzes you make, and how many people actually take your quizzes. If you're very active in the quizzing department, you may be at the Experienced status within your first few weeks! However, you need to realize that each status is harder to get to than the previous one. In that way, the forums are very much like a video game and require more "experience points", or XP, if you will. The time it takes to level up all depends on you.

    22. How can I make friends?

    Click here to become a great friend-maker. c:

    23. What's the deal about offensive posts? What happens when a post is marked offensive?

    As you may have noticed before, a gray colored link is perched snugly at the bottom right corner of each post. If you click/tap on this link, it will ask you if a post is offensive (yes) or not (no). No matter who you are, if you click yes, you will add to that post's offensive pot. The more clicks it gets, the more likely it is that the said post will be grayed out. Think of the system like this, though this is not at all what it is:

    Each post has a sort of pot that is empty. If no one clicks it as offensive, the number representing how offensive it is will be at 0/100. If a person at a Newbie status clicks your post offensive, it gains one mark. That puts it at 1/100. Posts are grayed out at stages, which in numbers would be 25/100, 50/100, or 75/100. The more people that click the post, the more likely it is that the post will be deleted. Your status also weighs the post heavily. Someone at a higher level may add up to nearly the same amount as a moderator's click has. If a moderator marks a post offensive, their 'yes' alone adds a 25 to the pot of 100, and sometimes it may even add 50!

    Once a post reaches 100/100, it gets deleted from public sight. This also puts weight on your post times. As seen in answer #12, each status has a different wait time. However, if one of your posts gets deleted, your weight time gets longer. The more posts that get deleted, the longer it gets. Try to not post spam or make offensive posts so this does not happen to you!

    Additionally, if too many of your posts get marked, your account can be dis-activated or even banned.

    24. Can threads be deleted?

    Yes, threads can be deleted. If a thread has less than 3 posts, moderators can delete the thread for you.

    25. Can accounts be deleted?

    Accounts, however, may be deleted. This can be made possible if you ask the admin, GTQ Guy. The most efficient way to get this done is to email him at admin[@] (remove the ['s). However, he usually only deactivates your account. This means it no longer exists and no one can log into it, but it also means your posts will still be around. You may find it easier to keep your account.

    26. How do you become a moderator?

    As of 8/4/2016, all moderators were picked by users first having a nomination. Users would list whom they wanted to become a moderator and what qualities they had to fit the job. From the user's votes, GTQ Guy then handpicked users he saw fit for moderator himself. When the next nomination comes around, be sure to vote for who YOU think would fit the job! For all you know, they could become the next GTQ moderator. :)

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