Taking request for quizzes.

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Thread Topic: Taking request for quizzes.

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    Carrotop Novice
    Taking request for quizzes! Trying to level up!
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    ange Novice
    Could you please take ALL of my quizzes? Could you also comment and rate them? That should help you out.

    Thanks :D
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    doodle Experienced
    Do the same with me. I promise I'll take urs
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    harpusrox7 Advanced
    And me. That should help a bunch xD
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    Sage Parson Novice
    ME TOO!! :D

    Request: What candy are you quiz.

    I don't know much about candy...so I never made one. XP
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    33iZZy18 Novice
    Me too:D for some reason I feel like I sound like a little kid xD

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