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    The Troll Reporting Thread is for reporting Trolls, and for that only. And to quote the Mod who made that thread-

    "A troll is someone on the internet who "floods" or "spams" several messages in a short amount of time. They can do this by creating multiple threads at once, or by submitting several messages in a thread, clogging it up. They might also harass you as well as other users to achieve a goal that is ultimately to annoy you and make you feel unwelcome. Do note that people being a jerk is NOT the same thing as being a troll. Harassment is often done over long periods of time, and is different from occasional backlash caused by personal fights."

    Unless someone is making threads that are spamming or flooding forums, or posting random s--- like "tjfdhurjhufjbfdsdsfsgdjgj" or whatever it may be, then don't report them.

    Also know, that there are differences between trolls and doubles. Can doubles be trolls? Yes, they certainly can be. But all in all, doubles are just there to be annoying. About 80% of the people (I may be butchering that number a little) have a troll, and if not that much, a lot of users do. Doubles are just annoying users with multiple accounts just trying to confuse other users. Yes, it is very annoying, but a lot of times, I don't really think that Mods really do much about doubles, unless they are actually harassing you.

    And, to add on to this, people that are just being mean in general aren't always trolls either. Sometimes people are mean to others for no reason. It hurts and it is unnecessary, but just ignore mean people.

    If this needs to get moved elsewhere, that's fine. This is kinda just another view on this. I figured that if more people give views on this, maybe people will understand a little better.
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    shut up
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