I will never get a boyfriend!

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Thread Topic: I will never get a boyfriend!

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    Sports19 Junior
    Well, thank's I guess. But whatever you say is keeping you single, there's gotta be atleast somebody else out there like that too
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    Sports19 Junior
  • Krimsalt Newbie
    Sigmund Freud would have a field-day looking at this post.

    You're young, face it. At 10 I said I'll never marry because I can't live with another woman, and I am happily married never looking back now. Things change :)
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    Unexpected Novice
    hey, it's cool. I didn't want anyone to touch me at that age. I found things really gross too, and I'm not a fan of people kissing in front of my face STILL(I mean, seriously, personal space...) but, I do want to fall in love some day, and when the right guy comes along, it'll be different.

    But, until then? Enjoy being a single lady. It's fun. And if you don't want to date or get married? Don't. It's not for everyone.:)

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