Prosecutor is a good drama. But right now I think that I'm watching three dramas which include, can you hear my heart, lie to me, and prosecturo princess.

I think that i need to study more microbiology because a lot of my free time is being dedicated towards watching dramas and waht not. I havent watched

Created by: sarah
  1. why were dispersants applied to the BP (gulf) spill?
  2. what are some factors that led to the cholera outbreak in haiti?
  3. how is vibrio cholera transmitted?
  4. in the classifications of living organisms, there are _____ domains.
  5. which of the following is not a domain?
  6. most bacteria are measured in
  7. what does the term "ubiquiotous" mean?
  8. true false: all normal microbiota are harmful
  9. which of the following microorganisms is prokaryotic?
  10. in which habitat would you most likely find archaea?
  11. "Acellular" means:
  12. Normal Microbiota of the lower intestine:
  13. Which of the following microbe was bioengineered to produce human insulin?
  14. It has been said that bacteria are essential for the existence of life on earth. whic of the following would be the essential function performed by bacteria?
  15. why was fertilizer applied to contaminated areas after the exxon valdez spill?
  16. which scientist coined the term "cell" to describe the basic unit of life?
  17. the first scientist to view and describe a living microorganism with a microscope was:
  18. who succeeded in disproving spontaneous generation for all organisms?
  19. which of the following statements is the best definition of biogenisis?
  20. which of the following discovered that microorganisms were necessary for fermentation?
  21. which scientist was able to prove that a microbe can cause disease?
  22. the smallest unit of matter that enters into chemical reactions:
  23. which of the following is the type of bond holding Na and Cl ions in NaCl?
  24. identify the following reaction: sucrose + water -> glucose + fructose
  25. which of hte following is the type of bond between molecules of water in a beaker of water?
  26. what is denaturation?
  27. CH2O units are the "building blocks" for which of the following:
  28. CHO units are the "building blocks" for which of the following
  29. Amino acids are the "building blocks" for which of the following:
  30. Nucleotides are the "building blocks" for which of the following:
  31. which type of molecule contains glycerol and fatty acids?
  32. which of the following are hydrophobic organic molecules?
  33. which of the following is false about the outer membrane, which contains LPS?
  34. van leeuwenhoeks microscope magnified up to 300x. this was an
  35. which microscope allows for greater magnification of a specimen

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