Epic Wings of Fire IceWing quiz

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Queen Snowfall is testing you on your IceWing knowledge. Will you be a tutor or at the bottom of the seventh circle? IceWings are brave, strong, and powerful, and here is your chance to prove it.

"I hear you want to become a teacher of history for our tribe's dragonets. Take this test to see if you are worthy." Queen Snowfall said. "Good luck."

Created by: Queen Snowfall

  1. Who was Queen Diamond's Niece?
  2. What happened to Snowflake's wing as Prince Arctic and the NightWings flew away?
  3. What tribe was Hailstorm turned into by Chameleon?
  4. What was the animus Frostbite's gift?
  5. Who is the legendary monster that IceWings fear?
  6. Who is the dragon in the Diamond Trial?
  7. How did 20 IceWings die when the monster (Question 5) came back?
  8. Who was my mother? (Snowfall's)
  9. What is in the Gift of Elegance?
  10. What did Queen Diamond want Arctic to make with his animus powers?
  11. Finally...Who is the IceWing who is obsessed with scavengers and lives in Sanctuary?

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