Environmental engineering: rivers and flow management

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Created by: Chris

  1. Define the following terms, one is an incorrect term...
  2. A hydrograph can be plotted to show the... one is incorrect
  3. To help us determine the flow of a river and the discharge there are a number of methods. Which of the following is not such a method?
  4. As following from the last question, which is not a used method?
  5. Which is the correct description of spot measurements?
  6. Which correctly describes continuous measurement?
  7. Which correctly describes a spot discharge measuremnt?
  8. Which cvorrectly describes the continuos discharge measuremnt method?
  9. Both these formula are correct, but which is the usual display for the contiunos flow measuremtn formula?
  10. Which desciption correctlt describes the method for calculating the discharge in structures?
  11. which best describes dilutiion gauges?
  12. Which best describes an ultra sonic doppler?
  13. which best describes transit time - ultra sonic river guages?
  14. Which correctly describes the multi path system?

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