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Hi! WATCH ENCANTO THEN WATCH IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND MORE BUT I CAN'T DO MORE AGAINS!!!!!! It's SO AWESOME!!!!!! After I've published this quiz, I'm gonna go and watch it for the 9th time!

Hopefully this trivia is hard enough and good enough for all the Encanto fans out there. And I don't know if you noticed, but I am a MASSIVE FAN of Encanto!! Have fun!

Created by: ilovemermaids

  1. Who are the triplets?
  2. Who died?
  3. What is Agustin's gift?
  4. Dolores has 2 siblings; ___________ and ___________ .
  5. Who doesn't have a power?
  6. What do they call their magical house?
  7. Who does the voice of Pepa?
  8. Who wrote the original Encanto songs?
  9. Is there a book based on Encanto?
  10. How many people live in La Casa Madrigal? (without the dead one)
  11. How long is the film? (not including credits)
  12. What is the last song at the end of Encanto?
  13. Who is Julieta married to?
  14. Who is Pepa married to?
  15. Who is Bruno married to?
  16. Who is Abuela Alma married to?
  17. Up until the end of the film, who is going to marry Mariano?
  18. Who does Mariano fall in love with at the end of the film?
  19. How many original songs are there in Encanto?
  20. Will you watch Encanto again?

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