Draco Malfoy Love Story! does draco like you?

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this quiz will determine if draco malfoy likes you! it's not long but it has good answers!!!!!! well i hope!! anyway.........i like him so thats why i made this quiz!

also, no bad language in the comments and if you have suggestions, then put them in the comments! i'll listen! the next quiz will be released on 17th of september! good luck!

Created by: slytheringirlgeek

  1. fourth year, you are sitting in a empty compartment because you had no friends. Draco comes in, "sorry, my friends are being annoying and this is the only compartment" he says without looking at you. "okay" you say. he recionizes the voice and looks at you while blushing. he sits opposite of you and fiddle's with his wand. The trolley lady comes, ("anything from the trolley dears?") "chocolate frogs please!" you say, but then yo realize you have no money. "actually, i have no money," you sigh, "five chocolate frogs please" says Draco. he takes the chocolate frogs and then the lady goes, "here" he gives one of the five chocolate frogs while blushing. you react:
  2. on friday (ginny if you are in gryffindor, pansy if your slytherin) gives you a note from harry saying to meet him at the lake during free period, do you go?
  3. if you go then this is for you if not click NEVER HAPPENED!) you go to the lake harry is there, he hears you coming and turns around "i thought you weren't gonna come..." "well i'm here now!" you say "anyway, i wanted to ask if you wantedtocometotheyuleballwithme?" you react:
  4. You can't talk to harry because he is to busy with the triwizard tournament, during potions draco passes you a note. it say's "will you do to the ball with me? *heart heart* -draco. you pass a note back that says:
  5. during free period, some people are playing spin the bottle, draco drags you over, the people who are playing are, ron, harry, draco, fred, gorege, pansy, hermione, ginny and cedric.you spin it and i stop rigth between draco and harry, they both blush, who do you pick?
  6. no matter what you do, the yule ball is tomorrow, you have to make a choice, harry or draco?
  7. you go with draco (if not click "never happened" it has not effect.) you are late and you see draco dancing with pansy. your kinda angry he's dancing with someone one else. you go over to harry and ron "hi, sorry i didn't go with you harry" you say. "it's fine, your with malfoy..." "actually, help me get back at him, he's dancing with pansy" you say, "okay how?" say say:
  8. draco comes over and you miss your chance to get back at him, "what are you doing with potter?!" he says, you respond:
  9. he kisses you, and then he starts to talk but, someone hexed you and you fell asleep and now you are lying on the ground, "________! are you okay? says draco. "_________!" say harry "she wants me potter!" he says "_________, who do you want to take you to the infrimary!" you murmur:
  10. eventually, harry picks you up to go to the infrimary, you think:
  11. the next day you are going to potions and harry comes "hi" he says you:
  12. ok, thanks for taking this quiz! what should the next one be about?

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