Does he/she Love YOU?

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Do you want to know if your special someone loves you or not? This quiz may not be exact, but pretty close. You may not know that she/he loves you this may be the day you'll find out!

There will be many typos in here. Sorry, I was really sleepy and really bored and this is what I ended up doing! Hope you like it and enjoy it... Bye Bye!

Created by: Kay Linzy

  1. Does the girl/boy look at you frequently?
  2. Does she/he sit by you when he/she gets the chance?
  3. Does she/he blush when she/he is near you?
  4. Does she/he dress up to impress you?
  5. Does she/he have a gf/bf?
  6. Is she/he friends with you?
  7. Has she/he ever talk to you?
  8. Is she/he afraid to be themselves by you?
  9. I running out of things to ask... do you love me?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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