Does he like you

If you like a boy take this quiz or if you dont but i always want to see if someone likes me that’s how i know how beautiful i am so you can take this quiz for whatever you want.

I promise its totally accurate. If you don’t believe take this quiz i did it on my friend and the boy asked her out instead so I decided to put it online for other people.

Created by: Jay Jay

  1. Do you guys talk,text etc?
  2. Are y’all friends?
  3. Do you like him?
  4. How long do you guys talk.
  5. When did you to meet?
  6. Does he touch you?
  7. How many classes are y’all In together?
  8. Do you think he likes you?
  9. Does he stare?
  10. Does he get jealous when you’re with someone else?
  11. Does he have a girlfriend?
  12. Do you have a boyfriend?
  13. Was this quiz good?

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