Does Ennard Like You??

Hey! I'm Portal! Today I've brought Mike and Ennard with me. Lets see if you get along with Ennard. Mike: Ennard! Come over here! The quiz is starting now!! Ennard: Coming!

Mike: Ennard how many times have I told you not to eat all the exotic butters at once? Now I have to go get more. Again. Ennard: Sowy. Its just so good. Mike: Lets just start the quiz.

Created by: Portalcrasher26

  1. Ennard: Do you like exotic butters? Mike: Oh god
  2. Ennard: Do you like Mike? Like the type where you want to go out with him? Mike: Ennard why?
  3. Do you like to climb?
  4. Whats your favorite SL character? Mike: Ennard why is this question-nvm. I'm not gonna argue.
  5. Whats your favorite SL song out of these?
  6. Do I look like burnt spaghetti? Mike: Yes Ennard: I wasn't asking you Mike!!
  7. Whats better? Eggs or Mike? Mike: Ennard!!! Ennard: Shush Eggs.
  8. Me or Baby?
  9. I have no more questions... EGGS!!! Mike: WHAT?! Ennard: I need a question!! Mike: Fine. Should Ennard have scooped me? Ennard: Really?!
  10. Did you like the quiz?

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