Do you know your COMICS?

There are many people in this world who like the spiderman movies, or the x-men movies, but didn't even know that the comics existed. These people are comically impared. A true comic genious...can recite the day to day life of a superhero, knows background information on the company and all of the characters and reads the comics.

Are you comically genious, or comically impared? Take this quiz to find out...most of the questions are quite easy...or OBVIOUS! so it is quite easy to get the result of an AWESOME person.

Created by: anna
  1. What is Spiderman's real name?
  2. Which is not a Marvel comics character?
  3. What company DOES superman belong to?
  4. What decade was marvel created?
  5. Which is not a member of the fantastic four?
  6. Where did spiderman first appear?
  7. Which comic buissness is the longest running?
  8. What is Spidermans middle name?
  9. What colour is hulk?
  10. What is Spider-girl's secret identity?
  11. Which is not an X-man?
  12. Are Superman and Batman from the same brand?
  13. What is the Flash's superpower?
  14. Where is the comic book shop in perth?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my COMICS?