Do you know the heroes of Olympus series

This is a quiz on weather or not you know your heroes of Olympus in this quiz are some questions that you would only know if you were into the series.

This quiz may be challenging but that’s the point after all you have to know your stuff to get the top answer plz post what you get I’m the comments thx!

Created by: dyslexciADHD

  1. Who are the 7
  2. Who is the tallest and shortest of the 7
  3. Who dies and comes back to life in book 5
  4. Who are my the 3 main Demigods in the prophecy
  5. Who is the youngest in the 7
  6. Who is the oldest of the 7
  7. What are all the languages known on the Argo 2 (not including animal languiges)
  8. How many Roman Demigods are on the Argo 2
  9. How many crew mates are in the Argo 2
  10. How many demigods aren’t dateing on the Argo 2
  11. What are the names of the 2 other crew mates on the Argo that aren’t part of the 7
  12. Which animal does frank sleep as

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Quiz topic: Do I know the heroes of Olympus series