Do you know Japanese?

Do you think you know Japanese? Let's find out! In this quiz,you will discover how much Japanese you really know. Please comment and rate when you're done taking this. Thanks :.)

Remember to try your best and that this is just for fun.Don't worry if you don't get a good score.I hope you have fun with this quiz and try out Olivia Dyler's new quizzes: The Memory Quiz and The Austin and Ally Life Quiz.Let's start!

Created by: Olive

  1. Kon'nichiwa! This is how this quiz works. I say and/or ask something in Japanese and reply in English.
  2. Watashi wa kowai nda yo!
  3. Ogenkidesuka?
  4. Anata wa yoi hitodesu ka?
  5. Tasukete kudasai!
  6. Hariuddo sono tanoshimi- no yona oto ni iku!
  7. Yamete!
  8. Anata wa nihongo o shiete iru to omoimasu ka?
  9. Watashi no kuizu o totte itadaki arigatogozaimasu!
  10. Sayonara!

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Quiz topic: Do I know Japanese?