Do You Have A Chance 2 B A Celebrity?

Ever wondered if you'll be a celebrity? This is the quyiz to find out! I thought of this quiz when I noticed my friend wondering if she was gonna be a celebrity

This is the place to find out if you'll be a celebrity remember its just for fun don't be afened bye this quiz please and just to let you know, god luvs u!

Created by: miria123
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Its time to show people wut you got! You walk on stage, what do u do?
  2. You get offered to be in a movie, you...
  3. Which group at school are you?
  4. Pick a number
  5. You see a boy/girl, wut do u do?
  6. How much money u have/want?
  7. Wut do you think your answer is?
  8. Boy or girl?
  9. Dog or cat?
  10. last question Do you like being popular

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Quiz topic: Do I Have A Chance 2 B A Celebrity?