do you belong with populers or non-populers

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just because you are belong with populers dosen't make you a hotshot or the most importent person in the world it meanes you belong where other poeple don't

and now i know you are shoked just a little that you are not with the nom-populers but chin up you still have your place in this world and still need to make you mark in the world

Created by: sparta208

  1. do you ever feel alone
  2. do you ever feel alone
  3. how many friends do you have
  4. how many if your famliy mempers were populer
  5. you dont'have to answer this if you have no siblings are any of your siblings populer
  6. do you lisen to emo/goth music
  7. how much confedense do you have
  8. now if you have a boyfriend i need to know somthing is he populer
  9. are you athletic
  10. last one do you have any of the probloms below

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