Do you actually follow new Pop/K-Pop music releases?

Most kids and teenagers follow music releases that are new, if not all, do YOU know the new Pop/K-Pop music releases? Find out with this quiz that I made just for You! I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Created by: Anna fkjkhkjk

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  1. What's the name of Dua Lipa's new 2020 album?
  2. What's the first single from Little Mind's new album 'Confetti'?
  3. What number did BLACKPINK's THE ALBUM reached on the Billboard 200?
  4. Do you follow the new music releases?
  5. EXO is......?
  6. What's LOONA's new EP called?
  7. Whats the name of Ariana Grandes second single from her sixth album Positions?
  8. Guess the lyrics : I'll be there for you, no matter what your going through, I'll be there for you, anytime that you need me too, when there's no one else around
  9. Pop or K-Pop?
  10. What's the new girl group's name that SM Entertainment has formed and will debut this month?

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Quiz topic: Do I actually follow new Pop/K-Pop music releases?