Code Lyoko Quiz (Season 1-4)

Do you know much about Code Lyoko? I do. So why not test it out. To improve your knowledge? This test got questions from all four seasons, all to the episode "Replika" in season 4.

Code Lyoko is a extremly good TV show. Have you seen it? If yes, try out this quiz. See how much you more episodes to improve your knowledge...

Created by: Fredrik

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  1. What is Xana?
  2. Who created Lyoko/Xana?
  3. How many sectors does exsist in Lyoko?
  4. What is the "submarine's" name?
  5. What is the name of the second "Lyoko" made by Xana?
  6. What is the name of the new monster in the Code Lyoko game for DS?
  7. Who of these persons have never been in the Lyoko gang?
  8. When did the first season go on TV?
  9. Which of these episodes (episode number + episode name) is not correct?
  10. How many episodes is it in each of the three first seasons?

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