Can You Survive? Night in the Woods

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A night in the woods! Do you know if you can survive without screwing up? There are random scenarios presented from your woodland romp, and you have to survive!

Fun fact! People who have more birthdays tend to live longer! Water is not wet, wet comes from water. Just as a brick is not a bruise, but a bruise comes from a brick.

Created by: Funny Phil

  1. You come across a river in the woods! Isn't this fun to cross? Oh no! You fall in! Do you swim upriver or let yourself go downriver?
  2. You are helped out of the river by-guess who?-an axe murderer (thumbnails, people, listen to the thumbnails) anyway, you are faced with this age old question:
  3. After surviving your encounter (if you chose the right option), you end up at an old abandoned house where there is no light, but there is an oddly modern fuse box...
  4. At this point, you realize you are lost, this stresses you out, and you think maybe you should smoke one of those cigs in your pocket...
  5. Your journey's over
  6. I have a ten question limit
  7. Should there be a sequel? I think so.
  8. Will you rate?
  9. Will you comment?
  10. Do you think you survived?

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