Can you survive in the wild

Can you survive in the wild alone away from human civilization?Find out now in 11 simple and easy answers.Beware, surviving isn’t that easy…If you don’t get the answer you want don’t take it to hard.

This is my second quiz so it may not be the best please leave a comment if you have something to say.Please give me a smiley face but I’m not forcing you to.Check out my other quizzes if you liked this one.😊

Created by: Allyn
  1. Have you ever read any books about how to survive in the wild before
  2. If you have read any books on how to survive do you remember any tips
  3. You are walking in the woods and you spot a bear.You didn’t bring any bear spray or bells.What do you do
  4. You are going hiking and you you only have room for one more thing to bring so far you have brought:water, bear spray, misquote spray, and an extra pair of clothes what do you choose to bring
  5. Most snakes are poisonous in North America
  6. You’ve gotten lost and there isn’t any WIF.You’ve run out of food. what do you do
  7. How is this quiz so far?(no effect)
  8. Have you ever wanted to run away?
  9. How do you know the difference between a cheetah, a leopard, and a jaguar
  10. Fate
  11. Was this quiz good?(no effect)

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Quiz topic: Can I survive in the wild