can you outsmart ME?

there are many smart people, but few truereal smart people. smart people, after all. what is a real smarter person? its someone who is smart as stephen hawking or thomas edison. something like that, i am 8 and i like learning new things.

are YOU a real smarter person? do you have a strong brain? until you could find out, until now, you could only wonder! but thanks to this great quiz. in just a few minutes you will out!

Created by: aidan

  1. when did Micheal Jackson died?
  2. when was marilyn monroe born in?
  3. what is Gandhi's first name?
  4. is nyan cat real?
  5. when did nikola tesla died?
  6. bonus question. was nikola tesla a pro at electric stuff?
  7. is Thomas edison a pro at electric stuff as well?
  8. is iron man in DC or Marvel?
  9. does batman have any super powers?
  10. when did the very first game come out?

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Quiz topic: Can I outsmart ME?