Can you guess the song(2015)

There are only a few people who dont listen to music but most of us,be honest,hope you enjoy make sure to leave a comment!!!!so please rate and leave a comment

We are party animals theres always music playing at our houses at sometime or the other if not tough luck,anyway this quiz is right for tests our fav things:song lyrics

Created by: Emily881

  1. Ok,this is the quiz to da most popular music lyrics and url fav singers
  2. Okay this is easy, Cause baby now we got bad blood you know it used to be mad love
  3. Ok,next I was a liar I gave in to the fire I know I should have fought it,at least I am being honest
  4. Right,all hands on deck all in the front all in the back just like that,like that.Imma blow your mind take it out on the floor like that,like that
  5. Ok,just gimme you,just gimme you,just gimme you,that's all I wanna do and if what they say is true...
  6. Having fun(hope so) What do you mean when you nod your head yes but wanna say no what do you mean hey yeah
  7. Lets see,he's so tall and handsome as hell he's so bad but he does it so well
  8. Do the stanky leg(stank)do the stanky leg(stank,stank) now break your legs(break em break em)break your legs
  9. Calling all the cutiesto the floor right now its a lot of booty on the floor right now take it to the bus we can go right now we can roll right now,right now
  10. All my life you stood by me all these lights they can't blind me,with your love nobody can...
  11. Take me down into your paradise don't be scared 'cause I'm your body type.just something that we wanna try Cause you and I...
  12. It's not over,as yet,she was the baddest I was the realest we was the flyest

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Quiz topic: Can I guess the song(2015)