Bulgarian Politics Quiz

On November the 14th Bulgaria will elect its new parliament and president. There are more than 30 parties competing for the votes of the electorate in this crucial election.

This quiz provides you with a sample of which party you could vote for in the upcoming election. (NOTE: only 8 of the largest parties are included in this quiz).

Created by: Dima

  1. What is your opinion on the current President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev?
  2. What is your opinion on former Prime Minister and Chairman of the Party, GERB, Boyko Borissov?
  3. What is your opinion on the Stefan Yanev caretaker government?
  4. What is your opinion of Slavi Trifonov?
  5. What is your opinion on the honorary chairman of DPS, Ahmed Dogan?
  6. Kiril Petkov (PP co-leader and former economy minister) should end his career in politics after the constitutional court ruling.
  7. General Prosecutor Iven Geshev should be removed from office.
  8. Which of the parties below is the most corrupt?
  9. Which of the following alleged oligarchs poses a bigger threat to modern Bulgaria?
  10. What is the reason for the failure of the government formation process in August?
  11. Out of these options, which government type would you support the most?
  12. Who is to blame for the current COVID situation?
  13. Do you support the Green Certificate?
  14. What should be Bulgaria's taxation policy?
  15. Bulgaria should ratify the Istanbul Convention
  16. What should Bulgaria's policy be in regard to nucleur energy?
  17. What are your thoughts on Bulgaria's membership in the Eurozone?
  18. The Bulgarian Bank of Development should be privitized.
  19. I trust machine voting.
  20. What should Bulgaria's policy be in regards to North Macedonia?
  21. Bulgaria should improve relations with Russia.
  22. Which of the following former Bulgarian leaders do you approve of the most?

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