are you Tom Felton's type?

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Here is what type of girl Tom Felton is looking for. Whether a chill girl who likes to eat and sleep all day or the life of the party. Take the quiz and see what you'll get.

Just because your score was low, doesn't mean he won't like you. You could still become friends or maybe close friends. You might even become his roommate lol!

Created by: princessbubblegum

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  1. what color is your hair
  2. what kind of music do you like
  3. what is your Harry Potter house? (NO CHEATING)
  4. what do you wear on a daily basis
  5. what would your friends describe you as
  6. what kind of pet would you like to own
  7. what is your favorite sport
  8. what is your favorite snack
  9. which of these colors look appealing to you
  10. what movie genre do you like

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Quiz topic: Am I Tom Felton's type?