Are you smarter than a fifth grader or are you not find out.

This quiz takes your of smartness level I am trusting and believing in you to mantion a smart and over avrege srcore best of luck. Oh and have a lot of fun.

Im in fifth grade if you are in a higher grade you need to get over a 90% avrege score than you are amazing well at remembering school rules and school classes

Created by: Debra
  1. what Is 200x400=A
  2. I rote the Declaration of Independence.
  3. Which one is not a type of scientists wheather
  4. What level of miles do the avrege amount of middle schools get tested on each tremestere
  5. What is the avrege grade for a grade 5 student in libery
  6. What are the five instrument that a Rhode Island student can play in grade five
  7. In what tremester do you start doing art quizzes in middle school
  8. How many books do the avrege fifth grader class read in ela
  9. What are the three acadmic strageis
  10. What are the numbers of the five many buses
  11. What state was this quiz based on what grade and what city
  12. If the school is in West Warwick then what school do I go to hint: it is a middle school
  13. Fill in the blank special -

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Quiz topic: Am I smarter than a fifth grader or am I not find out.