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Are you Dum or smart? This quiz will answer your question! Do you ever wonder if your teacher thought or thinks if your are a great student or not!!!!!

I made this quiz mainly for my brother. I don't think he is very smart at all. But he says "I think I'm the seacrat teachers pet!" I do not belive him.

Created by: Kitty100

  1. I live in a weird word... I am a human that gets moved by another. I wish to not slide on wiggly sticks and I hope to find the climbing things that gets you higher. I wish I was yellow, but I am red. I will live forever as my mover said. Where do I live
  2. What do you wonder most in movies?
  3. *Someone punches you* "Ouch! Don't do that" He punches you again
  4. My name is kite. Whenever someone opens me up, my freind next to me, The, is always said the most. What am I in?
  5. What do you eat most
  6. Hello Owner! Where are you going, why will you not pat me! UGH! What are you doing thith that cool big square I like to walk on?! Stop talking to diffrent Owners! Its not like you home schooling! Wait, I think you are. Meh. I'm just gonna smack you coffe of the table
  7. "HELP! HEEEELLLPPP! I am fallin from the window sill! He he! I love mimiking cats!" "I don't think thats how you say mimiking! I don't know eigher" "Anyway lets go play ball"
  8. 4 Villan Kids leave a terrible mean home and come to live in a new land. The king falls in love with one! What movie did I just summirise?
  9. Would you rather,
  10. Spots. I am good at every game.

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