Are you magick blood? (A witch, physic or anything else like

Have you ever wondered if you are connected to the world spiritually? Do you ever ask yourself, am I a witch or am I a physic? Have you ever experienced paranormal activity or seen energies, auras, or known people’s emotions just by looking at them?

Have you occasionally came back to this question, still figuring out the answer? Want to find it out accurately? Take this quiz to find out what you are!

Created by: Thebtsfanwitch
  1. Okay so firstly, do you believe in witchcraft, tarot reading, conjuring, crystal healing,potions ect?
  2. Ok, Can you see other spirits, energies and auras that normal people with no physic powers can’t?
  3. Do you constantly find yourself studying, staring at the sun moon and stars, or even knowing their phases?
  4. Out of the list below, which interests you most?
  5. What are talents that you have discovered you had recently/ ages ago?
  6. Do you protect Nature like it’s your all?
  7. How great is your intuition, knowledge and imagination?
  8. Have you ever felt extreme attachment to animals, and felt like they have to you too?
  9. Do you always find yourself collect literally everything?
  10. What weather makes you the most excited?
  11. Do you consider as an introvert or extrovert?
  12. Can you see through other realms and dimensions?
  13. Finally, do you think you’re a witch, phsyic or anything under that umbrella?

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Quiz topic: Am I magick blood? (A witch, physic or anything else like