Are you dead inside?

Hello, welcome to this weird quiz, figure out if you're dead inside or not. It's..yeah. Okay. Enjoy this weird little thing that I made while attempting to eat.

Uh, Hi welcome back..? So, I'm forced to have two paragraphs. I'll just uh, say that I have two cats. Very fluffy. One of them scratched me and now I'm bleeding. Help. Please.

Created by: Jesus Christ

  1. Are you male or female?
  2. Do you have an active social life?
  3. Do you dress flashy, casual, spicy or comfy?
  4. What is your age?
  5. Honestly, I'm running out of question ideas, here's another one though.What is you're sexuality?PS: I support everyone.
  6. Are you in middle school, high school or collage?
  7. Do you love memes?(I'm really running out of ideas, please help me.)
  8. Do you think you are dead inside?
  9. I'm running out of questions, so I'm just gonna put this here.
  10. Almost there! What is the meaning of life?

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Quiz topic: Am I dead inside?