Are you best friend material?

Are you covered in best friends, and dont know who is your REAl frend, take this test about a specific person and learn how well you know each other, and if your relationship will last the test of time.

Are you worried about if you have the right best friend? Find the good points and bad points of your relationaship and find out if you should move it up a level, keep it the same, or maybe find a better friend.

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
Do you know when your best friends birthday is?
Of course, its in my calender, in my phone, everywhere!!!!
Yep, i do
Erm.. i know the month, does that count?
Of course i do.... nt.
No, she doesnt know myn either though!!
No , i dont. Make me feel bad why not!
If your bf called you in the middle of the night crying, and you were grounded, would you find a way out of the house?
I do anything for her/him. So i would slid UNDER the door if i had too.
I would try and sneak out so i could go see her.
I would tell me parent[s] and see if i was allowed to go
I cant go out when im grounded, so i couldnt
No, i dont like going out at night much anyway
NO way, risk me getting grounded longer?? GET LOST!!!
If your BF lieked somebody you liked, would you make her feel bad or try to stop her lieking or seeing him/her.
I would be hurt, but wouldnt say anything, if shes/hes happy, then im happy.
I would say i was hurt, but wouldnt do anything to hurt her/him.
I would tell her i wasnt happy with it.
I would stop speaking to her for a bit, but then would be frends with her agen.
I would be angry, flirt more with him/her and blank her for a while.
I would start my revenge plan straight away. NOBODY takes the guy.girl i liek!
If your BF stole something from a shop, what would you do?
Tell them i was disappointed and encourage them to put it back.
Steal something to!!!
laugh with her/him, but then ask somebody for advice on how to confront and stop her/him.
Wait until she was gone, then tell the shop assistant
Shout out in the middle of the shop ' you cant knick stuff!! put it back'
How many best frends do you or can you have?
1 i prefer one really close frend.
2 or 3, i dont trust big groups
4 or more, i trust the people im with
I dont trust the ggroup im in, so i dont really have one.
I dont have a best frend.
Can you ever be more than best frends with your bestfrends and then go back to being just frends?
Yer, but our realationship isnt liek that
Yer, we have b4. Its a laugh
NO, im not that type of person
No, we would end up not talking to each other.
No way!!!
Do you know your best frends eye colour?
Yer. She/He has lush eyes.
I think so, i dont reli notice that sorta stuff.
No. lol. Oh wells...
Would you ever choose between your frends?
NO. Never. I would wait until they were frends agen b4 spending time with either of them.
NO. I would share my time equally.
Probably, depends if i liek one more than the other.
Yer, i wouldnt want to be on my own.
Would you die for your best frend?
Yes. Anything for my BF.
Maybe. Depeds on the circumstances.
No. I couldnt.
Would your best frend die for you?
Yes. Definitly.
I dno really.
Probably not.
No. I dont think she/he lieks me that much.

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