are you beautiful,cute,gorgeous or plain

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Every girl always want to look beautiful and sometimes get confused about their beauty so this quiz will really helps you to know what you exactly have.So take this quiz and have fun girls.

Do you have really beautiful features or your just plain looking.Are your confused then find out in this quiz.Thank you for taking it and just believe that your beautiful in your own ways.

Created by: jasmine
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hey,how are you.
  2. What colour is your hair
  3. What is your complexion
  4. How beautiful are your eyes
  5. What shape are your lips
  6. How tall are you
  7. What your body type
  8. What is your nose shape
  9. Do you have dark or light features
  10. I hope you like this quiz.By the way it is my first quiz so if i had done any mistake then friends sorry.Hope you will comment.

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Quiz topic: Am I beautiful,cute,gorgeous or plain