Are YOU Awesome?

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" Okay I am not good at makeing paragraphs so i'll get down to buisness, Do you wanna know if your awesome if so take this quiz, ten to one you'll like it :D!"

Again I am not good at makeing paragraphs so, Please rate and comment, I need some advice for some more quizes, Thanks for takeing this i hope you enjoy :)

Created by: Fearless1111
  1. Okay lets get started shall we, Are you Funny?
  2. Do people talk to you alot?
  3. Are you the kinda person that would jump out in the middle of the street and do the running man just to make people laugh?
  4. Do you say werid words sometimes?
  5. Do you say or do random stuff?
  6. Do you do things your way?
  7. Are you wild?
  8. Do you get into trouble
  9. What kind of music do you listen to?
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz?
  11. Will You rate or comment?

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Quiz topic: Am I Awesome?