Are you are real girly girl?

Girly girls are everywhere, but sometimes it can be difficult to spot them. Hey, that's a lie! It's obvious when you see one. All decked out in pink, on their mobile, drooling over the items at Claire's accessories!

So, are YOU a girly girl?! Take this quiz to find out if you're one of those pinky dinky funky girls? Don't worry if your not, everyone is different, and how boring would the world be if all you saw were pink girlies? Sure, it's absolutely fab to be one, but it's also great to be different!

Created by: Ania
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  1. 'Come on! We're going shopping!'
  2. Do you like pink?
  3. How about black?
  4. Do make up, hair, and nails? Read? Play video games? Or climb trees?
  5. What do you prefer?
  6. Your reaction to: Right, today we will go to a ballet, then you will learn some of the steps, then bake cupcakes and then go shopping!
  7. What do you think of make-up?
  8. Football or Ballet?
  9. Pink or blue?
  10. What would you prefer on your cupcakes?

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Quiz topic: Am I are real girly girl?