Are You Are REAL Eddsworld Fan?

Eddsworld... One of those funny animators that really give you the giggles. and so many fans, yet, all unknown... Could YOU be a fan of Eddsworld? Maybe not, but try anyway.

ARE YOU AN EDDSWORLD FAN? Im your host, New999, Man Who Knows All Of Eddsworld. This quiz will make sure you know everything of Eddsworld and the gang, Cartoon AND Real Life!!! So get ready... pull your pants up, and get your EddsWorld IQ switched on. Its time to play "Are You A REAL Eddsworld Fan?"

Created by: New999

  1. Which year did Edd start making animations?
  2. What is Edd's Favorite drink?
  3. What is the name of Tom's hair?
  4. What does Tord like?
  5. Who are rivals?
  6. What is Edd's University user name?
  7. What is Edd's highest rated animation of NewGrounds (MUST be on as well)?
  8. What is the name of Tom's crew?
  9. Who left Eddsworld forever?
  10. How many "Holy ____ On A ____"'s are there from Tom?
  11. What is Edd's Full Name?
  12. What is Tom's Full Name?
  13. What is Matt's full name?
  14. What is Tord's full name?
  15. When Tord left, what was the number plate on his car?
  16. Who was the guy who keeps saying "Hey Edd"?
  17. What was the first time something from Edd was put on BBC?

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Quiz topic: Am I Are REAL Eddsworld Fan?