Are you approachable in my eyes?

This quiz is my first, just one to see if you're similar to me, if anything- this is more for friends / hopefully soon to be friends. But it's up to you to take this. -Side note, something may have bashed your result because I hate whatever it was.

Anyways, don't be cruel to yourself for not being like me. really, you don't want to be me. ...because you're yourself. don't stress about it. I think you're probably too cool for school. :]

Created by: Zuri
  1. First off, your age? (it sounds weird, yes, but it makes the quiz no different.)
  2. Pronouns?
  3. Are you introverted, ambiverted, or extroverted?
  4. Which of these exotic animals would you choose?
  5. Which of these Household animals would you choose?
  6. Do you identify as anything "abnormal" such as furries, therians, otherkins, ect.?
  7. Which of these styles appeal to you most?
  8. What book genre suits you?
  9. What's your genre of music?
  10. What's your favorite type of colors?
  11. Did you like my quiz? (no effect, just asking- It's my first quiz.)

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Quiz topic: Am I approachable in my eyes?