Are you anxious?

Are you anxious? There are very very large numbers of anxious people in this planet we call Earth! But very few people are truly anxious! A anxious person is scared or nervous very often.

Are you an anxious person? Do you get very scared extremely often? Do you get scared to be left alone by yourself? Until now you could only wonder! Just in very little time you will finally know!

Created by: hannah3858

  1. Do you bite your fingernails?
  2. Do you do unusual things when you are nervous?
  3. Do you hate to be left alone?
  4. Do you pace around in circles often?
  5. Do you chew your hair?
  6. Do you have any friends?
  7. Do You have ''stage fright''?
  8. Do you eat lunch alone?
  9. Do you consider yourself a ''peoples person''?
  10. Do you get scared alot?

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Quiz topic: Am I anxious?