Are you a TV Addict?

People watch TV... Yes. But my questions are for those who watch TV regularly!! Try this quiz and let's see your percent!! Good luck!! Let's see... Let's see.. Go! Go! Try it!!! It's easy as pie!! C'mon!!

Anyone can answer this quiz... no matter what score you get, you still are a very good TV watcher! try it, please and thank you!!! I love this quiz!! It's very great and easy, I tell you.... C'mon smart guy/gal!! Win it!!

Created by: Maita Coronel

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  1. Who is the best friend of Spongebob Squarepants?
  2. Who does Arnold like...?
  3. Does Helga like anyone aside from Arnold?
  4. Who's the smartest of all???
  5. What does Squidward play?
  6. Why does Squidward hate Patrick and Spongebob?
  7. Who's the yellow pet of Ash?? (isn't it obvious..) (Pika, Pika!)
  8. Complete the sentence: This quiz....
  9. Be honest. Do you watch these shows?
  10. What is the best channel?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TV Addict?